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Capas de Periódicos

(1) Outside Cover in Anal. Methods - Julho/2014 http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlepdf/2014/ay/c4ay90055c?page=search

(2) Cover Picture in Electrophoresis - Agosto/2014 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/elps.201470140/abstract


Artigos completos publicados em periódicos (2010-2015):

(45) Duarte, L.C.; de Carvalho, T.C.; Lobo-Júnior, E.O.; Abdelnur, P.V.; Vaz, B.G.; Coltro, W.K.T.; One-step fabrication of microfluidic devices for spray ionization mass spectrometry using a RepRap 3D printer. Analyst 2015, in preparation.

(44) Dias, A.A.; Cardoso, T.M.G.; Cardoso, R.M.; Duarte, L.C.; Munõz, R.A.A.; Richter, E.M.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Paper-based enzymatic reactors for batch injection analysis of glucose on 3D printed cell coupled with amperometric detection. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2015, in preparation.

(43) Freitas, C.B.; Moreira, R.C.; Tavares, M.G.O.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Monitoring of nitrite, nitrate, chloride and sulfate in environmental samples using electrophoresis microchips coupled with contactless conductivity detection. Talanta 2015, submitted.

(42) Cardoso, T.M.G.; Garcia, P.T.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Colorimetric determination of nitrite in clinical, food and environmental samples using microfluidic devices stamped in paper platform. Analytical Methods 2015, in press.

(41) Lucca, B.G.; Lima, F.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Ferreira, V.S. Electrodeposition of reduced graphene oxide on a Pt electrode and its use as amperometric sensor in microchip electrophoresis. Electrophoresis 2015, in press.

(40) Chagas, C.L.S.; Duarte, L.C.; Lobo-Júnior, E.O.; Dossi, N.; Piccin, E.; Coltro, W.K.T. Hand drawing of pencil electrodes on paper platforms for contactless conductivity detection of inorganic cations in human tear samples using electrophoresis chips. Electrophoresis 2015, in press.

(39) Duarte Junior, G. F.; da Silva, J.A.F.; Francisco, K.J.M.; do Lago, C. L.; Carrilho, E.; Coltro, W.K.T. Metalless electrodes for capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection on electrophoresis microchips. Electrophoresis 2015, in press.

(38) Silva, E.T.S.G.; Santhiago, M.; de Souza, F.R.; Coltro, W.K.T., Kubota, L.T. , Triboelectric effect as a new strategy for sealing and controlling the flow in paper-based devices. Lab Chip, v. 15, p. 1651-1655, 2015.

(37) Lobo-Junior, E. O.; Duarte, L. C.; Braga, L. E. P.; Gobbi, A. L.; de Jesus, D. P.; Coltro, W. K. T. High fidelity prototyping of PDMS electrophoresis microchips using laser-printed masters. Microsystem Technologies, v. 21, p. 1345-1352, 2015.

(36) Lucca, B. G.; Lunte, S.M.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Souza, V. F. Separation of natural antioxidants using PDMS electrophoresis microchips coupled with amperometric detection and reverse polarity. Electrophoresis v. 35, p. 3363-3370, 2014.   

(35) Evans, E.; Gabriel, E. F. M.; Benevidez, T.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Garcia, C. D. Modification of Microfluidic Paper-Based Devices with Silica Nanoparticles. Analyst, v. 139, p. 5560-5567, 2014.

(34) Garcia, P. T.; Cardoso, T. M. G.; Garcia, C. D.; Carrilho, E.; Coltro, W. K. T. A handheld stamping process to produce microfluidic paper-based analytical devices with chemically modified surface for clinical assays. RSC Advances, v. 4, p. 37637-37644, 2014.

(33) Coltro, W.K.T.; Cheng, C.-M.; Carrilho, E.; de Jesus, D. P. Recent Advances in Low-cost Microfluidic Platforms for Diagnostic Applications. Electrophoresis, v. 35, p. 2309-2324, 2014.

(32) Oliveira, K. O.; Medrado e Silva, P. B.; Souza, F. R.; Martins, F. T.; Coltro, W. K. T.Kinetic study of glucose oxidase on microfluidic toner-based analytical devices for clinical diagnostics with image-based detection. Analytical Methods, v. 6, p. 4995-5000, 2014.

(31) de Souza, F. R.; Duarte-Junior, G. F.; Garcia, P. T.; Coltro, W. K. T. Avaliação de dispositivos de captura de imagens digitais para detecção colorimétrica em microzonas impressas. Química Nova, v. 37, p. 1171-1176, 2014.

(30) Evans, E.;Gabriel, E. F. M.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Garcia, C. D. Rational Selection of Substrates to Improve Color Intensity and Uniformity on Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices. Analyst, v. 139, p. 2127-2132, 2014.  

(29) Gabriel, E. F. M.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Garcia, C. D. Fast and Versatile Fabrication of PMMA Microchip Electrophoretic Devices by Laser Engraving. Electrophoresis, v. 35, p. 2325-2332, 2014.

(28) Coltro, W. K. T.; Neves, R. S.; Motheo, A. J.; Silva, J. A. F.; Carrilho, E.Microfluidic devices with integrated dual-capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection to monitor binding events in real time. Sensors and Actuators. B, Chemical, v. 192, p. 239-246, 2014.

(27) Gabriel, E. F. M.; do Lago, C. L.; Gobbi, A. L.; Carrilho, E.; Coltro, W. K. T.Characterization of microchip electrophoresis devices fabricated by direct-printing process with colored toner. Electrophoresis v. 34, p. 2169-2176, 2013.

(26) da Silva, E. R.; Segato, T. P.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Carrilho, E.; Mazo, L. H.Determination of glyphosate and AMPA on polyester-toner electrophoresis microchip with contactless conductivity detection. Electrophoresis, v. 34, p. 2107-2111, 2013.

(25) Oliveira, K. A.; Oliveira, C. R., Silveira, L. A.; Coltro, W. K. T. Laser-printing of toner-based 96-microzone plates for immunoassays. Analyst, v. 138, 1114-1121, 2013.

(24) Coltro, W. K. T. Current status and future trends about miniaturized analytical systems in Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Analytical Chemistry, v. 2. ix, 2012.

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(22) Lima, R.S.; Piazetta, M.H.O.; Gobbi, A.L.; Rodrigues-Filho, U.P.; Nascente, P.A.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Carrilho, E. Contactless conductivity biosensor in microchip containing folic acid as bioreceptor. Lab on a Chip, v. 12, 1963-1966, 2012.

(21) Duarte, G.R.M.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Borba, J. C.; Price, C. W.; Landers, J. P.; Carrilho, E.Disposable polyester-toner electrophoresis microchips for DNA analysis. Analyst, v. 137, p. 2692-2698, 2012.

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(18) Blanes, L.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Saito, R. M.; Van Gramberg, A.; do Lago, C.L.; Doble, P.High-Voltage Power Supplies for Capillary and Microchip Electrophoresis. Electrophoresis, v. 33, p. 893-898, 2012.

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(16) Lima, R.S.; Segato, T.P.; Gobbi, A. L.; Coltro, W.K.T.;  Carrilho, E.;  Doping of dielectric layer as a new alternative for increasing sensitivity of the contactless conductivity detection in microchips.  Lab on a Chip, v. 11, p. 4148-4151, 2011.

(15) da Silva, J.A.F.; Deblire, A.; de Jesus, D.P.; Coltro, W.K.T. LED-based instrumentation for visible photometric determination of electroosmotic flow in microchannels. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, v. 22, p. 736-740, 2011.

(14) Coltro, W.K.T.; da Silva, J.A.F.; Carrilho, E. Rapid prototyping of polymeric electrophoresis microchips with integrated copper electrodes for contactless conductivity detection. Analytical Methods, v. 3, p. 168-172, 2011.

(13) Vázquez, M.; Frankenfeld, C.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Carrilho, E.; Diamond, D.; Lunte, S. M.  Dual contactless conductivity and amperometric detection on hybrid PDMS/glass electrophoresis microchips. Analyst, v. 135,  p. 96-103, 2010.

(12) Coltro, W.K.T.; de Jesus, D. P.; da Silva, J.A.F.; do Lago, C. L.; Carrilho, E. Toner and paper-based fabrication techniques for microfluidic applications. Electrophoresis, v. 31, p. 2487-2498, 2010.

(11) Segato, T. P.; Coltro, W.K.T.; Almeida, A.L.J.; Piazetta, M. H.; Gobbi, A. L.; Mazo, L. H.; Carrilho, E. A rapid and reliable bonding process for  microchips electrophoresis fabricated in glass substrates. Electrophoresis, v. 31, p. 2526-25339, 2010.


Artigos completos publicados em periódicos (até 2009):

(10) Coltro, W. K. T.; Silva, J. A. F.; Carrilho, E. Fabrication and integration of planar electrodes for contactless conductivity detection on polyester-toner electrophoresis microchips. Electrophoresis, v. 29, p. 2660-2665, 2008.

(9) Coltro, W. K. T.; Lunte, S. M.; Carrilho, E. Comparison of the analytical performance of electrophoresis microchannels fabricated in PDMS, glass, and polyester-toner. Electrophoresis, v. 29, p. 4928-4937, 2008.

(8) Silva, J. A. F.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Carrilho, E. ; Tavares, M. F. M. Terminologia para as técnicas de eletromigração em capilares. Química Nova, v. 30, p. 740-744, 2007.

(7) Piccin, E.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Silva, J. A. F.; Claro-Neto, S. ; Mazo, L.H.; Carrilho, E. Polyurethane from biosource as a new material for fabrication of microfluidic devices by rapid prototyping. Journal of Chromatography A, v. 1173, p. 151-158, 2007.

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(4) Coltro, W. K. T.; Ferreira, M. M. C.; Macedo, F. A.; Oiliveira, C. C.; Visentainer, J. V. ; Souza, N.E. ; Matsushita, M. Correlation of animal diet and fatty acid content in young goat meat by gas chromatography and chemometrics. Meat Science, v. 71, p. 358-363, 2005.

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(2) Coltro, W. K. T.; Silva, J. A. F.; Silva, H. D. T.; Richter, E.M.; Furlan, R.; Angnes, L.; Mazo, L.H.; Lago, C. L.; Carrilho, E. . Electrophoresis Microchip fabricated by direct-printing process with end-channel amperometric detection. Electrophoresis, v. 25, n. 21-22, p. 3832-3839, 2004.

(1) Tarley, C. R. T. ; Coltro, W. K. T. ; Matsushita, M. ; Souza, N. E. Characteristic Levels of Some Heavy Metals from Brazilian Canned Sardines (Sardinella brasiliensis). Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, v. 14, p. 611-617, 2001.


Capítulos de Livro:

(5) Oliveira, K.A.; de Souza, F.R.; Oliveira, C.R.; da Silveira, L.A.; Coltro, W.K.T. Microfluidic Toner-Based Analytical Devices: Disposable, Lightweight, and Portable Platforms for Point-of-Care Diagnostics with Colorimetric Detection. In: Avraham Rasooly, Keith E. Herold (Org.). Mobile Health Technologies: Methods and Protocols. 1ed. Berlin, Springer, 2015, v. 1256, p. 58-98.

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(6) CARDOSO, T.M.G.; GARCIA, P. T. ; SANTOS, J. B. C.; COLTRO, W.K.T. Método de Fabricação de Dispositivos Analíticos em Substratos de Papel: deposição de barreiras hidrofóbicas de parafina a partir do processo de estampagem a quente e uso dos referidos dispositivos. Patente: Privilégio de Inovação. Número do registro: BR1020130175307. Data do Depósito no INPI: 09/07/2013,

(5) OLIVEIRA, KAROLINY ALMEIDA ; OLIVEIRA, C. R. ; ANTONELLI DA SILVEIRA, LUCIMEIRE ; SILVA, P. B. M. E. ; LOZE, P. M. ; GARCIA, T. S. ; SILVA, L. T. ; COLTRO, W. K. T. Processo de fabricação de dispositivos analíticos contendo arranjos múltiplos de microzonas, ou microwells, para monitoramento, ensaios e diagnósticos clínicos no point-of-care (PoC). Patente: Privilégio de Inovação. Número do registro (protocolo): BR1020130031437. Data do Depósito no INPI: 08/02/2013.

(4) SOUZA, F. R., ALVES, G. L., COLTRO, W. K. T. Sistema microfluídico, baseado em poliéster-toner, para diagnósticos clínicos com detecção colorimétrica e transporte da amostra via força capilar, 2012 Patente: Privilégio de Inovação. Número do registro (protocolo): BR1020120122936. Data do Depósito no INPI: 23/05/2012. 

(3) COLTRO, W. K. T., SILVA, J. A. F., CARRILHO, E. Aparelho detector condutométrico sem contato para biossensores microfluídicos (P.I. 0.905.675-0), 2010.

(2) CARRILHO, E., COLTRO, W. K. T., SILVA, J. A. F. Multilayer micro-device for use in e.g. pharmacological analyses, has surface containing micro channels and surface having integrated electrodes and containers (WO2009018642-A1)., 2009

(1) COLTRO, W. K. T., SILVA, J. A. F., CARRILHO, E. Microdispositivo multicamada, processo de preparação de microdispositivo multicamada (P.I. 0.703.025-8), 2007. 

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